"Jij gaat draaien", in English as much as “you are going to spin”. Those words marked the beginning of the DJ career of Giovanni Coffie a.k.a. DJ Shurendi. Coffie started out as a talented dancer at the age of sixteen. With performances for famous artists as Do and others he was very prolific indeed. This uncanny neck for entertainment wasn’t always self-evident, explains Shurendi. “When I was young I was actually very shy so people were rather surprised, but I just simply love to dance.”

However, with experience comes confidence. Building on his rich experience as a dancer Giovanni decided to open a dance school in Eindhoven, his hometown. Only recently he abandoned his first love in order to fully focus on his DJ career. Nevertheless, the importance of dancing for his career as a performing artist must not be underestimated in the slightest. “It gave me some much needed rhythm. Also, I now know better how to maximize entertainment during my performance on stage”, tells Giovanni.



Shurendi is best known for his urban act, which he performs at home and abroad with great success since 2005. In particular, Coffie masterminded the very successful R&B Sunday concept together with some friends. As a hiphop-dancer the step to urban is a small and logical one. What only a few people know, however, is that Shurendi started out with hardcore for radio Hitec. Back in the day when Giovanni was still building his career as a dancer he once did an interview for Hitec, he was afterwards told ‘we want you to spin for us’. Until then he never once contemplated or even aspired to a DJ career, but always open to a challenge Giovanni accepted.


At Hitec Shurendi laid the foundation for the rest of his career. He hosted a mix show for seven years in which he could put all his creativity and love for music. Not least important; at Hitec he learned to mix and the fine technique of making house music general. “Those were great times. I’ll never forget that”, says Giovanni. Also not forgetting where he came from, Giovanni started to practice Urban. “At that time I was teaching hiphop dance routines at my dance school and I really like the energy of that music.” Along the way he developed a taste for eclectic because of the quick shifts in styles. However, grasping those techniques wasn’t easy at all. “You need to practice a lot, but hey I have skills”, he says with a wink.



Always inquisitive with a strong drive to pioneering new and uncharted terrain, Giovanni now is at a crossroads in his life. Leaving dancing behind to focus on DJ-ing, Shurendi set out a new path for himself. “I want to make house music and organise events myself”, says Coffie. What’s unique about that is that Giovanni focusses on women in his track selection. As you might expect from a former dancer a Shurendi performance is all about entertainment. “I want to give my crowd a show that makes them smile and dance.”