Pablo Rindt, better known internationally as producer and DJ Maddix, is an ordinary guy but an extraordinary artist. He fits the function profile of aspiring dj neatly for dropping hot beats from some back attic room. What really doesn’t add up is the lightning fast way he develops himself as an artist. Most aspiring producers and dj’s start building up their fan base in their own environment, doing small gigs like school parties and local bars. Not Pablo.



Pablo thought it’d be better to start with conquering the world through his highly anticipated Maddix releases and then perhaps do some small gigs in his homeland the Netherlands. And he’s being very effective at it. He actually has more fans around the world than at home. Maddix played in South Africa and Poland first before headlining events in the Netherlands and the requests keep coming in from India to Brazil and the United States. However uncommon this sequence of events may be, it’s not surprising in the least. With releases on Oxygen (Spinnin’ Records) and Armada Trice (the Armin van Buuren record label) it’s without a doubt we’re dealing with a musical powerhouse. On top of that his productions get regular support from the biggest names in the industry like number one DJ Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, Dyro and many more.



Having more exposure abroad than at home doesn’t bother the young DJ/producer. “I like to travel”, says Pablo with a smile. As Maddix has his eyes on the prize, the stage is set for an explosive breakthrough. 2015 promises to be the year it all comes together. Maddix has that uncanny knack for what’s hot and trending. Devoted to leading the charge of the EDM revolution, the Maddix sound is the cutting edge of nowadays house music. He already has Miami in his sights with his newest release spectacularly featuring on the Armada Trice Miami Compilation CD. Indeed, the album with the sound of the Miami Music Week, encompassing Ultra Miami.



The success story doesn’t end there. The DJ from Eindhoven is now on the rise in the Netherlands as well. Although it was bound to happen, it’s a testimony to his exceptional qualities and well-deserved recognition. If you can make it in the Netherlands – the birthplace of EDM and home to the best DJ’s in the world – you can make it everywhere. 



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